Traffic SE Payment Gateway


Traffic SE Payment Gateway Products

The Traffic SE online payment gateway products are designed to meet the unique challenges of today’s online commerce. We provide rapid and secure card transaction processing services and value added products to enhance your online competitiveness and web customer base.


With over 13 years of experience developing online solutions the gateway is easy to setup and connect to. Click here to find out more.


To accept online payments and speed up your customers' payment experience click here.

Loyalty Card Scheme

Through the Traffic SE Payment Gateway we have the possibility to offer you the opportunity to promote and join loyalty card schemes and increase your customer retention rate. Click here to find out more.


Mail Order or Telephone Order (MOTO) Payment processing is the ideal service for merchants and organisations accepting mail order or telephone order payments. Click here to find out more.

Online Payment Hosting

Online Payment Hosting is a cost-effective online payment service that allows business of any size to instantly accept online payments. Click here to find out more.